A Cannabis Fan’s Guide To OC Beaches

The state of California has top weather, beaches, and cannabis varieties. Orange County (OC) is blessed with those, so it hosts the biggest surfing competition in the world each year. The annual event known as the US Open of Surfing takes place around Huntington Beach Pier. Alongside live music as well as movie events, people can watch famous surfers from California such as Courtney Conlogue and Brett Simpson vie for titles. It not only gives attendees a fun time but also highlights the surf culture of Southern California.


That said, you have several ways of experiencing surfing in all its glory in SoCal. Whether you are a surfer, swimmer, or someone who wants a cannabis high and to people-watch, OC beaches are right up your alley.


Which Are Orange County’s Best Beaches


Orange County’s coastline is about 42 miles long, so you have several locations to visit here. Put some amount of sunscreen and a beach towel in your beach bag, and just choose any location for a trip. You cannot go wroth with any choice here. Do not forget to check Surfline’s report on safety when planning to enter the water there.


T-Street Beach


There are some great waves in this San Clemente location. You can get to it by Amtrak train or by car. Are you interested in fishing with a spear? If yes, go to San Clemente Rocks, a wonderful location for spearfishing.


1000 Steps Beach


There may not be 1,000 steps to reach the beach, but it would seem like it to you if you go there. For that reason, it is seldom crowded. So if you are willing to make the effort, then you would access one of Orange County’s most stunning beaches.


Blackies Beach


This Newport Beach location is for people who spend much of their life at sea. So, you should have the required experience to do it if you intend to surf here. The location tends to be crowded, so either visit it early enough or be ready to wait until you can surf at a fine wave.


Bolsa Chica State Beach


It is among the few beaches that have fire rings. Located in the City of Huntington Beach, it is an excellent spot to have fun outdoors. If you wish to stay here and enjoy a spell of surfing or fishing, then there are 50 campsites having water and electric connection facilities for a self-contained recreational vehicle.


Victoria Beach


This Laguna Beach location may not be easy to discover, but it is worth a visit. The so-called ‘Pirate Tower’ constructed by 1926’s senator William Brown is the main attraction of the beach. Brown sold the asset to an ex-naval captain named Harold Kendrick, who liked to wear pirate-like clothes and tell tales to his neighborhood kids. Many believe that a few of the precious coins that Brown concealed in the cracks of the tower might be found even now.


Doheny State Beach


Once the location of Doheny Days, Doheny Blues Festival, and other such events, this is still among the best-known beaches in California. While the camping spots here are shut down for a new water project, it is worth waiting for. So, you might want to book a campsite at the earliest.


Crystal Cove Beach


It is known for old cottages, which are among OC’s must-see sights. After spending time here, consider standup paddleboarding in Morro Bay, going to Reef Point for a bodyboard ride, or hiking along Pelican Bay Trail. The area has top rock pools, too, so bring a book with information about local wildlife and visit it when the tide is at its lowest.


Salt Creek Beach


This Dana Point location is popular for surfing, so it is one more area to visit early. The rock pools here may not be as varied or big as Crystal Cove Beach’s tide pools, but those are worth seeing. As per an urban legend, drumming sound becomes audible on full moon nights here. It is likely to be a cooked-up story, a drum circle’s doing, or even a ghost story.


As of now, all of those OC beaches are open, but many of its camping venues are closed. So, before visiting, check on relevant sites such as Surfline for information on whether the beach that you wish to go to is open at that time.


Is Smoking Weed Permitted On OC Beaches?


To cut the long story short, no. Smoking cannabis is not permissible in all public places, which include beaches. Anyhow, you may consume some amounts of cannabis tinctures or gummies.


You may visit some of those locations on a train, or just ask a roommate to give you a ride.


What To Pack For Your Beach Trip


Recreational marijuana is now legal in the state, so you can carry the product around here. Anyhow, you cannot technically have marijuana derivatives such as weed edibles in public. Therefore, do not forget to keep those products in your beach bag.


There has to be one big towel at the least in that bag, alongside water, sunscreen, spare clothes, and sunglasses if you intend to go somewhere later. You may also wish to pack some of your favorite bottled beverages/beach snacks, alongside a book or a large hat.


Do not fear whether you would consume an excessive amount of cannabis and then be deprived of food and drinks in California. There are great locations to eat/drink or walk about and spend time relaxing/socializing around almost all top beaches in OC. There are some coffee shops around Salt Creek Beach for cappuccinos or chai lattes, whereas Huntington State Beach practically resides in the most central part of Downtown Huntington Beach.


When you reach back home, consider ordering cannabis from an e-commerce website such as People’s and then enter the shower. The product may be coming to your address when you finish the shower. Using cannabis is a good way of relaxing and capping off an entire day at any of those beaches.