Anaheim Man Apprehended For Fatal Stabbing In Huntington Beach

A symbol of justice.

Police arrested an Anaheim male aged 25 years in relation to a fatal stabbing incident at the Pier in Huntington Beach.


The 25-year-old Joe Flores III is suspected of stabbing another man who was 4 years younger than him to death, said the Huntington Beach Police Department. The identity of the victim was not available soon after the incident.


At around 06:35 pm on May 05, 2021, police got notifications of the event, and some of them responded to it while others canvassed the spot for Flores.


Three minutes later, officers found Flores escaping around the Huntington Beach Pier, and they arrested him without incident.


Local firefighters moved the victim to Orange County’s UC Irvine Medical Center with multiple injuries, but he was pronounced dead afterwards.


On the basis of a preliminary probe, police stated that Flores accosted the other man who was strolling on that pier, which resulted in a physical exchange. After that, Flores stabbed him multiple times with a knife.


According to police, Flores and the victim had no previous contact with one another. The bail amount of Flores was decided at $1,000,000.


Police said that many videos of that incident are doing the rounds on social networking websites. So, they have asked any person who either captured that video or directly knows about the event to dial 714-375-5066 to contact them.