LAFD Staff Rescues Trekkers And Dog In Runyon Canyon Park

The city of LA

The Los Angeles Fire Department saved three trekkers and a dog who could not ascend a sloped path at Hollywood Hills’ Runyon Canyon Park trail. After discovering the trekkers in the canyon’s remote spot in the evening of May 03, 2021, the LAFD’s officers reached the trio with a pulley and rope. The trio comprised a teenager as well as two kids aged 8 and 11 years, and they were all saved without injuries.


Firefighters established a rescue involving angles of around 15 to 35 degrees, with pulleys for a mechanical benefit to help the trekkers safely climb the slope. Besides the mechanical equipment, the LAFD used choppers to offer light when the sun started to set immediately after the officers began the operation.


Onlookers published videos of the event on social media that show trekkers as well as the officers attempting the rescue while park rangers control the crowd.