Huntington Beach Accident Killed Pedestrian Christine Gonzales

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On March 13, 2021, a pedestrian named Christine Gonzales died in a collision on Huntington Beach’s Talbert Avenue. Gonzales was aged 69 years, according to the first few reports that came out after the incident.


As per local authorities, the person who drove a gray-colored Nissan Murano struck Christine Gonzales when she was on the roadway.


Emergency personnel that hit the spot located her on the roadway in a fatally injured state. Notwithstanding life-saving attempts, Gonzales was later declared dead in the emergency treatment center to which she was admitted.


The authorities closed the area around Talbert Avenue during cleaning and preliminary tasks. The road has been opened again to traffic.


Furthermore, investigators disclosed that drugs and alcohol had no part to play in this collision. As of March 18, 2021, further information on what led up to this incident was not clear. Anyhow, as of that date, an active probe into the matter was in progress.