First Impressions Of Long Beach’s Bungalow Kitchen

A photo of Downtown Long Beach.

Chef Michael Mina’s and hospitality businessman Brent Bolthouse’s team has achieved one more success with their Bungalow Kitchen. It is their new restaurant housed at the Long Beach shopping mall ‘2ND & PCH’.

There are 4 bars in the spacious venue with a view from above the harbor. The sprawling and comfortable real estate space was conceived in the form of a lounge before it became a restaurant that offers outdoor and indoor dining options. The Studio Collective-designed establishment has rooms with many different styles and sizes as well as works of art reflecting the spirit of the 1970’s and Long Beach.

Something inspired every single one of Brent Bolthouse Bungalows. The muse for Bolthouse’s Fairmont Miramar-based Bungalow is a mythical French woman who traveled globally and was attracted to Baja California’s and West Coast’s spirit. On the other hand, American artist Ray Eames inspired Bolthouse’s Huntington Beach Bungalow.

Bolthouse told LA Weekly that Patti Smith inspired his Long Beach Bungalow Kitchen location. The walls of this establishment are full of things that serve as rock n’ roll nostalgia, Bolthouse’s penchant for photography, and more. The people behind the restaurant wondered where Patti Smith would settle in the event she moved to Los Angeles. They figured that she would like to settle in a place with some edge, such as Long Beach.

The inspired menu of Michael Mina makes a return to California’s southern portion. Three of its highlights are the black pepper decorated with a zest of orange, a cilantro sauce created with the help of Ayesha Curry’s recipe, and crispy duck wings covered in Grand Marnier.

The short piece of meat topped with crispy shallots and horseradish cream, plus drizzled with pepper sauce is a pop art piece in a tender and flaky crust. Unsurprisingly, it is named ‘Pop-Tart’. Add it to the walnut and apple tabbouleh with pomegranate seeds, shredded cabbage, and Meyer lemon to have a refreshing and contrasting food item.

Are you still sad about the fact that the Osteria Cal Mare restaurant is closed? If yes, you may be relieved to know that Mina’s restaurant has a version of its Carbonara Pizza, with Yukon Gold-type potatoes and guanciale.

You may not be able to visit the restaurant due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions. In that case, you may see its interior after searching ‘Bungalow Kitchen Long Beach slideshow’ on Google.