Stanbridge University Students Bat For Early Literacy

When standard libraries are closed, in-person book reading may be impossible, but this does not apply to Little Free Library’s establishments. Stanbridge University ensures that the communities around it and its students are having the pleasure of reading because of the Little Free Library scheme.

Earlier last year, the outREACH Community Service Initiative of the university, alongside the Illumination Foundation, set up a Little Free Library in Anaheim. It is among the many of the library locations.

While groups of students from the university have been setting up the libraries over the last few years, they have realized that the significance of these is more than in the past.

In a concentrated bid to help stop childhood illiteracy, as well as build both community and fellowship among seniors and homeless people, the students have started to build and install libraries throughout Southern California. The specific location-related and other details of the establishments they have set up here are as follows.

Beachside Nursing Center

At this nursing center situated in California’s Huntington Beach, the library from the university aids the underserved seniors in building community and significant interactions by means of reading. The Stanbridge Occupational Therapy Assistant Student Organization set up this library.

Illumination Foundation

This is a Stanton-based safe shelter facility for vulnerable individuals and families without a home. By setting up the library here, the university looks to break the homelessness cycle by means of opportunities for literacy and learning among an underserved group of people. The SSOTA installed that library, too.

Ryan’s Reach

At this Tustin-based facility, the university-established library offers a useful, daily activity that allows its residents to interact with each other and reduce isolation with shared learning. The Stanbridge Association of Physical Therapist Assistant Student Organization set up the library.

The state of being a partner with the Little Free Library nonprofit is among the many different initiatives that the outREACH program is committed to. Stanbridge University’s students have made the following moves that caused them to be people who favor their community.

  • Distributed around 1.5 million pounds of groceries and other food items to both low-income households and the homeless;
  • Prepared and offered around 65,000 meals to those with no home;
  • Helped to ensure medical care for 1,500 rescued animals; and,
  • Picked up around 17,000 pounds of garbage from local beaches.

The charity Little Free Library fosters neighborhood-based book exchanges in many parts of the world, thus inspiring a love for reading, building community, and sparking creativity. Countless books are shared through those establishments every single year, which helps more people of any age and background to access books.